Fee of Payment

For credit/debit cards payment, there is no more charge apart from the order’s grand total.

But for Western Union/Bank Wire Transfer, you need to pay the charge for remittances. That is why we offer a 5% OFF discount when customer selects western union or bank wire transfer as the payment method.

If you pay by western union, please ask them to provide you clear details so that you can account for the fee. Please submit the amount including transfer fee.

If you pay by Bank Wire Transfer, please ask your bank to provide you with clear details so you can account for this fee when you pay. For example, if you are paying for a VILAVI Dresses order of $500, and the bank will charge $50 to transfer, please submit for the transfer $550. If you only submit $500 then the payment that arrives with us (in this example) will only be $450 and we won’t be able to process your order. You can submit Bank Wire Transfer payments in any currency.