Necessity To Order Dresses Together

1 Considering you may need some dresses with exactly the same color and style, we suggest you to purchase all the dresses you prefer in ONE order. As all the dresses in our website need to be tailored first, we would like to process all your dresses together with the same batch of fabric to avoid the slight color difference which takes place easily and commonly due to the changes of fabric batches when you place your orders separately at different times. To keep all the dresses in exactly the same style, we also suggest you order them together. Because our 100% handmade dresses may take along fine distinctions with them at the very detailed points. If you order them together, we can process a careful comparison work to get rid of the unexpected differences.

2 Some customers prefer to purchase one dress as a sample, then decide whether to make a further purchase. This is considered but not suggested by us, since our dresses enjoy a good quality both on fabric and handwork. To make all the dresses you ordered together in ONE order will greatly help you to escape the color and style difference issues.